Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kinect Video Conferencing System

Designed by Lining Yao et al. at MIT,

the Kinected Conference project utilizes sound sensors and Kinect to implement some really cool features into videoconferencing. With Kinect camera and sound calibration system, the spatially calibrated depth and audio information can be accessed. Features include:

  • Freezing Former Frames stop the current frame, “freezing” a chosen area so you can text or complete another task without offending the person on the other end
  • Talking to Focus recognizes the speaker and blurs out the rest when there are multiple people in frame
  • Privacy Zone allows attendees to define the area which is visible to the other side. Essentially you can cover the entire background based on a specific depth you assign the kinect sensor to capture and block the rest out.
  • Augmented Objects Reality allows you to place markers on the table which have centimetre markers that change dynamically based on the relation to the other object. They can also be used as interactive objects that can render new visuals on top of those objects

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