Thursday, March 14, 2013

HD HEVC/H.265 Software Encoders

Today two h.264 veterans, Allegro DVT and Ittiam Systems announced their HEVC/H.265 Software Encoder.

According to their press releaseAllegro DVT presented Genova HEVC/H.265 Software Encoder for VOD. This new software based encoder permits HD 1080p60 encoding with 30% bitrate savings compared to best in class H.264 encoding. It is aligned with the final draft of the new compression standard HEVC/H.265, and is interoperable with a variety of software HEVC/H.265 decoders.

IN 2013 NAB Show, Ittiam Systems will show its HEVC Encoder which a software implementation on Intel x86 based platforms, capable of High Definition (HD) broadcast quality video encoding with up to 50% compression gains over H.264 based encoders. Its HEVC Decoder software is implemented for ARM CortexTM-A9 and CortexTM-A15 based SoCs to take advantage of ARMv7 Instruction Set Architecture, NEONTM engine and multi core processors, also according to Ittiam press release.

Garmin HD Mobile Drive Recorder

Garmin high definition mobile driving recorder (MDR), GDR 35, integrates GPS,

display and gravity sensor into one device and features exclusive optional secondary camera. It comes with a PC Tool software provides significant information such as images, maps, tracks, coordinates, time and speed. The recorded data provide the best reference back to accident scene.

The video recorder supports 1080p, 720p, WVGA, 720p Dual (1280x1440) at 30 fps. Regarding 720P Dual Cameras HD Recording,  with Optional Secondary Camera GBC30, once enable dual cameras recording, the system supports 720P high definition front and rear image recording. GDR 35 adopts F2.0 fast aperture. The high resolution camera lens improves night photosensitive. With low illumination and low noise image processing technology, users don't need to worry about overexposure, afterimage or noise when shooting at night. Driving recording image at night is clearer than ever. 110 degree wide angle from GDR 35 camera lens records every angle from front view even blind sides. Vehicles from right side and left side can be clearly recorded. GDR 35 also supports automatic file protection with built in gravity sensor triggers automatically for collison event prompts. The system protects the file to prevent images overwritten and the loss of important supporting information.

Some YouTube video clips showed very good video quality in nigh time recording, for example,

Monday, March 4, 2013

Convert MP3 to Wav then to PCM

PCM (pulse control modulation) is a raw (uncompressed) audio file format. It is is a digital representation of that audio wave at a specified sample rate. Its data is usually signed stereo or mono, 16-bit seems to be the most common sample size, byte ordering often is little endian. For example, signed 16-bit little-endian stereo @ 44.1kHz.

A PCM test data can be generated from a Wav file, which has some header on the top of PCM file. ffmpeg can be used for the conversion:

ffmpeg -i test.wav -f s16le -acodec pcm_s16le test.pcm

A MP3 file can be converted to a Wav file using Ogg Converter.


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