Saturday, May 14, 2011

DM3730 DSP Memory Map

DM3730 C64x+ DSP L1/L2 Memory Architecture:
  • 32K-Byte L1P Program RAM/Cache (Direct Mapped)
  • 80K-Byte L1D Data RAM/Cache (2-Way Set- Associative)
  • 64K-Byte L2 Unified Mapped RAM/Cache (4- Way Set-Associative)
  • 32K-Byte L2 Shared SRAM and 16K-Byte L2 ROM

Address RangeSizeDescription
0x10F10000 - 0x10F17FFF32 KBCACHE_L1D
0x10E00000 - 0x10E07FFF32 KBCACHE_L1P
0x10800000 - 0x1080FFFF64 KBCACHE_L2
0x10F04000 - 0x10F0FFFF48 KBL1DSRAM
0x107F8000 - 0x107FFFFF32 KBIRAM - L2 RAM
0x48000000 - 0x48FFFFFF16 MBL4CORE: L4-Core Interconnect Address Space
0x49000000 - 0x490FFFFF1 MBL4PER: L4-Peripheral Interconnect Address Space

Address RangeSizeDescription
0x80000000 - 0x84FFFFFF80 MBLinux
0x85000000 - 0x85FFFFFF16 MBCMEM
0x86000000 - 0x877FFFFF24 MBDDRALGHEAP
0x87800000 - 0x87DFFFFF6 MBDDR2 (BIOS, Codecs, Applications)
0x87E00000 - 0x87EFFFFF1 MBDSPLINK (MEM)
0x87F00000 - 0x87F00FFF4 KBDSPLINK (RESET)
0x87F01000 - 0x87FFFFFF1020 KBunused

OMAP 3530 Server DSP Image:

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