Friday, May 13, 2011

CCS + BeagleBoard XM (DM3730) + JTAG

1. Prepare the following items:
2. Download & Install Emulation Drivers from Spectrum Digital

3. Set switch settings of the Low Voltage Adapter as shown in the following figure (red part)

4. Connect your Emulator to your PC
  • Connect the XDS510 PP+ JTAG emulator to your PC through the included parallel cable
  • Connect the included +5V power supply to the emulator
  • Test JTAG scan using the parallel port I/O address on your PC be at 0x378 via SDConfig (JTAG device should be found)
5. Automatic CCS v3.3 Configuration
  • Launch the desktop icon "Setup CCStudio v3.3"
  • Press the Remove All button to clean up the System Configuration pane
  • Select OMAP3430_PP_Emulator for Family & Platform configurations
  • Press the << Add button to add the configuration
  • Save your settings ( File -> Save )
  • Exit out of CCS Setup and start CCS v3.3
6. Launch CCS 3.3
  • In Parallel Debug Manager, select CortexA_0 and C6400PLUS_0 to start ARM and DSP windows
  • Use a serial cable connect BeagleBoard XM to your PC (see Getting started with BeagleBoard-xM)
  • Power on BeagleBoard XM and hit any key in Terminal Window (Tera Term or Hyper Terminal, etc.) to stop autobooting Angstrom Linux
  • Select CCS->Debug->Connect to connect CCS to the board
  • Select GEL->IVA2200_Startup to start DSP

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