Thursday, May 26, 2011

Skype Suffers Mysterious Global Crash

This morning I could not use Skype on Windows 7 since it kept crashing even after reinstalling and rebooting Windows system. The Skype iPhone app and Skype on Windows Vista seem OK.

According to

Bulgaria: Skype Suffers Mysterious Global Crash
"Skype appears to have suffered an inexplicable worldwide crash on Thursday, users have been reporting on Twitter.

Floods of angry users have said they have been booted of the system and are now unable to login or even start up the Skype program itself.

The Wall Street Journal had commented that buying Skype would give Microsoft a recognized brand name on the Internet at a time when it is struggling to get more traction in the consumer market.

However, since the major deal, Skype has become victim to unspecified problems, with some reports of the program shutting down with a Windows error message."

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