Friday, November 4, 2011

DM8168 or C6-Integra EVM

DM8168 is among the TI AM389x, C6A816x, DM816x Device family with multi-HD codec support.

Sitara™, C6-Integra™, and DaVinci™ scalable Processor

Developed with Spectrum Digital, the DM8168 Evaluation Module (EVM) enables developers to immediately start evaluating DM816x DaVinci™ MPU (DM8168, DM8167, DM8166, DM8165), C6A816x C6-Integra™ DSP+ARM processors (C6A8168, C6A8167) and AM389x Sitara™ ARM MPUs (AM3894, AM3892) and begin building solutions such as surveillance DVRs, video conferencing systems, video broadcasting systems, media servers, single-board computers, gateways, routers, servers, industrial automation, human machine interfaces (HMIs), point-of-service data terminals, machine vision, test and measurement, tracking and control applications, amongst many others. The board contains
  • with connectors for composite video, S-Video, Component Video, serial port, SD, SATA, PCIe, USB, Ethernet, Audio Input/Output, HDMI Tx
  • DM8168 Processor (emulates AM3894 and C6A816)
  • Expansion I/O Daughtercard (printed circuit board assembly) with connectors for DVI in, Component Video in, Composite Video in, HDMI Tx, serial port, Ethernet, and Audio outputs
  • 7” Touch-screen LCD display
  • Power supply and regional adapter
  • Serial, USB, Ethernet and HDMI cables
  • USB mouse
  • SD card (with example software and SDK)
  • SD card reader (for plugging in SD card to PC) JTAG emulator (XDS100)
  • 1 GB DDR3 Memory

DM816x/C6A816x/AM389x Evaluation Module for evaluating DM816x DaVinci™ processors, C6A816x C6-Integra™ DSP+ARM processors and AM389x Sitara™ ARM MPUs

The technical reference of the EVM shows goof info. The Ubuntu based SDK 2011Q2 for DM8168 EVM Board was released in Oct 2011. Android Rowboat is supported for DM8168 platform. Android GingerBread is supported for ARM Cortex-A8 based AM389x.

TI demonstrated a bottle detection using the machine vision function in OpenCV.

Machine Vision Demo using OpenCV
Machine Vision demosttration using OpenCV on Texas Instruments' C6-Integra(TM) platform
Posted: 21-Apr-2011
Duration: 4:33
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Tags: integrac6-integraopencv,machine visionc6a816xomap-l13x
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Machine Vision Demo using OpenCV

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