Friday, November 4, 2011

Xilinx ISE 13.3, Artix-7 and Virtex-7 XT

This release is another try to support Artix-7 and Virtex-7 XT. According to the company press release, a full custom precision floating-point support, including new bit and cycle accurate, single, double and full custom precision floating-point in system generator for DSP, is provided to extend productivity for DSP designers.

Artix™-7 FPGAs deliver the lowest power and lowest cost to address high-volume markets. This family is one of three product families built on a common 28nm architecture designed for maximum power efficiency and offers over two times the capacity, 30% higher performance, 50% lower power consumption -- and logic up to 350K logic cell density at lower price points than Spartan®-6 FPGAs.

Virtex-7 FPGAs are optimized for advanced systems requiring the highest performance and highest bandwidth connectivity. Utilizing innovative 2.5D Stacked Silicon Interconnect (SSI) technology, 

the latest Virtex-7, 2000T FPGA, integrates 2 million logic cells, 6.8 billion transistors and 12.5Gb/s serial transceivers on a single device making it the world’s highest capacity FPGA. This is equivalent to 20 million ASIC gates.Virtex-7 XT provides larger block RAM (85.0Mb) than other Virtex-7 devices.

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