Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fusion Garage Grid 10 Dead Recovery

Grid 10 is a Nvidia Tegra II 1Ghz Dual Core based 10.1 inch Android device. It uses a clever customized Android OS called Grid OS. The base Wi-Fi-only model, with 16 GB of memory, costs $299, a full $200 less than the comparable Apple model. It gave users good experience with gesture controls. The latest firmware version is 1.00.37. Adobe Flash Player 11 can be installed and YouTube video plays very well .

When a black screen appears and likes dead, the power button has no effect. It may be due to a firmware crash. The customer support can be reached @ 1-855-822-5534 and a very good prompt help may be provided. Usually "holding reset and power button in the same time, and then restart" may solve the problem.

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