Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Android 3.2.1 Root and adb shell

  1. Download Asus Transformer NVFlash Stock 3.2 Recovery Roms from; The latest version is the 3.2 Build of which is the same as the one in Asus website;
  2. NV flash the ROM with following the instruction in;
  3. Download Universal root toolkit v7.1 from;
  4. Backup and root it;
  5. If "adb devices" returns nothing, you may unplug the USB cable and try to update the device driver using the USB driver in the transformer 3.1 rootkit.  If sometime SU can't not be installed due to ADB path problem, may also try the transformer 3.1 rootkit. However, if your adb path is set in the Windows environment, you may also need to delete the adb.exe in the tool kit;
  6. Use Root Check Pro to check if the transformer is rooted.

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