Friday, November 18, 2011

DM6467 ARM9 Trouble Writing Memory Block at 0x1c40900

When connecting to DM6467 from CCS (, using XDS510PP Plus (Rev A) and the DM6467t Gel file from Spectrumdigital, we may see

"Trouble Writing Memory Block at 0x1c40900 on Page 0 of Length 0x4: Error 0x80002002/..."

The problem is due to "It is possible that when PLL is being programmed you loose RTCK while PLL is switching over.  The RTCK will also become much slower as it is slaved to the device core clock. It may only work if you are using an external adaptive clocking adapter to deal the RTCK issue. Aside of this, you will need to configure the PP+ via SdConfig(Ex) to uncheck disable polling and set the port speed to 100.  This will force the emulator to poll for emulator command completion and the 100 is the max retry loop count. " The fix is as follows.

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