Thursday, October 13, 2011

Viewsonic G Tablet Firmware 1.2 Restore

Bishop of Technology's GTab computing website provides very useful information for Viewsonic G Tablet, including some of the ROMS. I tried 1.2-4349 based image updated on 6/17/2011, and did not have a luck, but I was successful with This 1.2-4349 ROM also comes with
  • Windows APX-specific USB driver
  • NVFlash tool taken from SDK
  • Clockworkmod v3.0.2.8
which are very convenient. The steps are described in the included "Windows Readme First":
  1. Install the Windows APX driver. When connect the GTab to the PC, the PC immediately tries to load a driver -- but since it doesn't know where the USB driver files are it will fail. Click through Start/Control Panel/Device Manager and find "APX" listed in the devices with a yellow "!" (exclamation point) on the icon. Select the APX item and find the "Update Driver" button and click it. When it asks where to search, choose the local computer manual selection choice and tell it to Browse. Point the Browse at the "USB" directory under the "Flash USB driver" folder. When pointed at the "USB" directory, the driver installed.
  2. ake sure your BATTERY IS FULLY CHARGED. Connect your USB cable to the gTab and then to USB port on your PC. Push/Hold Power button and Volume- (down) keys at same time. The screen should go blank and you should hear an audible connection sound on PC if successful. Go to your Control Panel, and then System, and then Device Manager. You should see the Android device registered without exclamation mark.
  3. Open the folder created from the zip extraction and find the file 'NVFlash_gTablet.bat' and double-click. Watch the new command window to follow the NVFlash process. If everything completes as designed, you may then continue and Shut-Down gTab by holding power button and disconnect USB cable from gTab and PC.
  4. Start up tablet by holding power key and volume+ keys and enter Clockworkmod rev 5. Run all of the wipe functions that are listed and then go into advanced section. Clear dalvik cache and then repartition sdcard to 4096 and 0 and then again 2048 and 0. Finish off with the 'fix permissions' step.
  5. Now, while still in ClockworkMod, go to Mounts and storage, re-connect gTab to PC with USB cable and 'Mount USB storage'. Now go to PC and open My Computer to see the new drive letter it created (different on some systems). Copy the 1.2 ROM file from the ROM you want to install onto that drive letter. When copying is complete, 'Unmount USB storage' in ClockworkMod and disconnect gTab from PC.
  6. Use the return/back key in ClockworkMod to go back to the main menu and select update from and keep an eye on the text output. If all goes well, then select 'reboot sytem now' with home button.
Be advised that the intial boot of any new rom will take a lot longer than subsequent boots.

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