Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Bluespec Tutorial Book - "BSV by Example"

Bluespec refers to a language and associated tools which are being used for all aspects of hardware system design specification, synthesis, modeling, and verification. From Bluespec website:

"Bluespec provides the only solution that closes the gap between models and RTL implementations. Bluespec synthesizable models interoperate with RTL, can be incrementally and selectively refined to a full implementation, and allow high-speed emulation at all stages of complex IP development."

The language, BSV (Bluespec SystemVerilog), is based on a new model of computation for hardware, where all behavior is described as a set of rewrite rules, or Guarded Atomic Actions. Unlike the process/thread model of Verilog, VHDL and SystemC, or the sequential model of C/C++, all behavior of a BSV program can be understood in terms of atomic rule firings. This computational model has a long pedigree in formal specification and verification systems (e.g., Dijkstra's Guarded Commands, UNITY, TLA+, and EventB), and BSV makes it available for hardware design.

The book "BSV by Example" written by Rishiyur S. Nikhil and Kathy Czeck, updated on November 3, 2010, teaches the BSV language through small, complete, executable BSV programs. While not an exhaustive reference manual of all BSV features, it describes many of the most commonly used features. A tar file containing all examples in machine-readable form is also provided.

Appendix containing all example source code, including workstation files. The appendix is provided as a tar file.

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BSV by example document

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