Sunday, December 7, 2008

FPGA-to-ASIC Conversion Flow

Wolfgang Hoeflich from AMI Semiconductor described how a high-definition video scaler ASIC was quickly created using a flexible FPGA-to-ASIC conversion flow. This ensured reproduction of the FPGA functionality and enabled first time fully functional silicon supporting video resolutions up to 1080p. 

Synplicity Inc. has released Identify Pro tool allows full visibility into FPGA-based ASIC prototyping in 2007

SimGen is an EDIF/VHDL/FPGA to ASIC Conversion Utility and Simulation Generator for Tanner Tools EDA.

On Semiconductor provide services of FPGA-toASIC

Epson has a FPGA to ASIC conversion

NEC also has a conversion and demonstrated why this conversion was needed

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