Thursday, December 11, 2008

External Memory Controller for XUP

An implementation of an On Chip Memory (OCM) based Dual Data Rate external memory controller (OCM2DDR) for Virtex II Pro is described. The proposed OCM2DDR controller comprises Data Side OCM (DSOCM) bus interface module, read and write control logic, halt read module and Xilinx DDR controller IP core. The presented design supports 16MB of external DDR memory and 32 to 64 bits data conversion for single read and write operations. The implementation uses 1063 slices of Virtex2Pro FPGA and runs at 100 MHz. The major benets of the proposed design are high bandwidth to external memory with reduced and more predictable access times compared to the Xilinx PLB DDR controller implementation. More specially, the read and write accesses are 2,44 and 4,25 times faster, than the PLB based solution respectively.

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