Friday, June 11, 2010

Skymicro MerlinIP PCIe Board and HD H.264 / AVC Encoder

Skymicro MerlinIP

Skymicro to Integrate and Distribute VSOFTS AVC-I Encoder IP Core with MerlinIP PCIe board

Published: 04/09/10 06:00 AM EDT

Vanguard Software Solutions, Inc. (VSOFTS), a recognized leader in development of video coding products and technologies, has reached a distribution agreement with Skymicro, a recognized Xilinx FPGA solution provider, to integrate and distribute VSOFTS AVC-I Encoder IP Core with Skymicro MerlinIP PCIe board.

“VSOFTS’ AVC-I encoder has very low latency and can support a variety of frame rate, bitrate and resolution settings,” said Vice President of VSOFTS, Felix Nemirovsky. “While we support AVC-Intra class50 and class100 interoperability, our encoder can be used for any type of High Value Content acquisition, editing and archiving. VSOFTS is the first company offering a low latency 1080p60, 10bit encode of up to 300Mbps for real-time editing. Whether you are making a portable Broadcast recorder or transmitting high value content for remote archiving, our AVC-I encoder will work for you.”

“One popular request from our customers is AVC-I low latency, high quality content ingest,” said Skymicro VP of Business Development, Mark Dolar. “Such applications as SPORTS Slow-motion, live editing and high value content capture can be accomplished in the AVC-I encoder by simply adding Skymicro’s MerlinIP board to customer systems. The VSOFTS AVC-I IP Core has been fully integrated and tested on MerlinIP and is available from Skymicro now.”

The Skymicro MerlinIP board can be used to capture video feeds of up to 1080p60 resolution via 3G HD-SDI input and encoded into AVC-I format as a file or a stream. The resulting file or stream can be played back through HD/SDI with VSOFTS AVC software decoder also available through Skymicro. MerlinIP boards can support up to 4 3G inputs and multiple boards can be synchronized in a single system. For more information on Skymicro MerlinIP products and


VSofts AVC-Intra Encoder IP core supports Class 50 AVC-Intra encoding, with Class 100 support coming soon. Fully compliant with the H.264/AVC and SMPTE standards, it is a platform-independent (Verilog) design, portable to ASIC and FPGA implementations.

AVC-Intra is a subset of the H.264 codec, intended to serve the needs of video professionals in storing and editing HD digital video. The new standard significantly outperforms the older HDV (MPEG-2-based) and DVCPRO HD (DV-based) formats, allowing the codec to maintain better quality in less storage space.

VSofts has developed a specialized Intra-mode decision algorithm, for achieving the highest encoding quality.


  • SMPTE AVC-Intra Class 50
  • Optimized for the Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGAs
  • Low gate and block RAM requirements
  • No external memory required
  • 1080i and 720p support
  • 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 chroma sampling
  • 8 and 10 bit sampling
  • High10 and High422 Intra profiles
  • All 4x4 and 16x16 Intra prediction modes


  • Bit-accurate C software model
  • Verilog source code or binary IDEF file
  • Technical documentation
  • Test bench source code
  • Test vectors
  • Integration support and after-sale support


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