Thursday, June 10, 2010

DM6467t for 720p videoconferencing

New VCE6467 Video Communications Engine integrates TI hardware and RADVISION software on a single chip for a variety of two-way HD video communications

Cost-effective, complete hardware + software solution provides 10 times reduction in number of integration man hours, allowing for faster time to market

Video communications designers can now benefit from an integrated video communications solution - pre-installed software on a video processor chip, available from a single vendor. The VCE6467 Video Communications Engine from TI and RADVISION’s Technical Business Unit is a cost-conscious solution easily enabling a variety of two-way, live HD video communications applications, including video conferencing, telemedicine, digital signage and set-top boxes. This inclusive solution reduces software integration time by more than 10 times the number of man hours normally required, which significantly speeds time to market.

Based on the DaVinci™ DM6467 video processor from TI, the VCE6467 comes pre-loaded with RADVISION’s video communications software and allows HD video at 720p 30 frames per second (fps) using H.264 encoding and decoding for seamless two-way communication with low-latency. Because the VCE6467 provides HD video, reduced latency and real-time communication, the end video applications allow realistic, nearly face-to-face communications, which eliminates the need for in-person meetings and helps save time and money on unnecessary travel.

VCE6467 key features and benefits
Key FeaturesBenefits
720p 30 H.264 video with G.711 audio with audio visual synchronizationAllows live, two way video conferencing communications with low latency
Optional Multi-protocol support (SIP, H.323)Ability to communicate and interoperable with both SIP and H.323 devices
Media quality framework (SVC, bandwidth management, packet loss resilience)Enables the ability to deploy product over any networks, including public internet
Optional fully interoperable with all major video conferencing systemsCommunicates with any video communication device available on the market

Software and support

Helping make development easier, the VCE6467 will be accompanied by documentation, software examples, training and support for customization and integration.

Pricing and availability

Customers can begin designing by downloading the VCE6467 trial software for use on the DM6467T EVM, available for $1,995 USD. The VCE6467 will be widely available in 3Q 2010.

VCE6467 comes in Basic and Advanced packages.

  • SIP (RFC 3261)
  • Dialing using IP address, SIP URI and Tel URI
  • RTP&RTCP using RFC 3550/1

  • Mute
  • RE-Invite

Video Codecs

  • H.264 AVC
  • Resolution up to 720p
  • Optional Resolutions: QCIF/CIF/4CIF/VGA/720p
  • Frames Per Second up to 30 fps
  • Bit Rates: 320k-2Mbit
  • VFU Request
  • INTRA Generation
  • Flow Control
  • Rate Control Policy
  • Video Deblocking
  • Lip Synchronization
  • Bandwidth Management Control

Audio Codecs

  • G.711

Basic Package:
Signaling Protocols

Advanced Package adds:

Video Codecs
  • H.264 SVC (Scalable Video Coding)
  • Forward Error Correction (FEC)

Audio Codecs

  • G.711
  • G.722

Additional modules: (Optional License of RADVISION BEEHD)
  • Interoperability with existing major video endpoint brands
  • H.323 (multi protocol support)
  • Additional Codecs (Video and Audio)
  • Enterprise features, including: Management and Data Sharing (BEEHD)

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John said...

There's no doubt that the this new VC engine is awesome and the efficiency has increased substantially. Personally, I still enjoy using the LifeTime systems, only because they are less expensive but according to a New Jersey video conferencing systems expert, this system does have some features not available through other companies. I guess that makes it worth checking out.


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