Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SlickEdit Added Supports for Android SDK and iOS Development

SlickEdit  is a cross-platform, multi-language code editor. It is my favorite source code browser. SlickEdit 2012 delivers a wide range of new features and existing feature enhancements, including:

New User Interface ArchitectureDocument Overview BarSupport for Xcode 4 Workspaces
Beautifier EnhancementsExpanded Auto-Complete FacilityUbuntu Unity Desktop
Android SDK ProjectsImproved Objective-C Language Support
New Build Tool WizardODB Editor Suite Support for Mac

Android project wizard allows you to select the Android SDK location and target SDK version. Both App and Library project types are supported.

I am not sure if SlickEdit can support Android NDK or how.

SlickEdit 2012 introduces support for Xcode 4 format .xcworkspace bundles for iOS development. Auto-completion, context tagging, and formatting of Objective-C has been greatly improved in this release.

SlickEdit Core is a subscription plug-in for Eclipse. 
SlickEdit Core Screenshot

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