Friday, February 11, 2011

Ubuntu Linux on Android with Tegra 2 Tablet (Viewsonic G-Tablet)

Tegra 2-Powered ViewSonic G-Tablet has excellent capability for web surfing and HD video conference. A custom ROM, ZPad Clean v3.0, claims to include the very latest nvidia libraries. It also includes many updates from Tnt Lite. Installation of Ubuntu on the top of G-Tablet Android with Tnt Lite is not easy because perhaps Tnt Lite does not support loop devices. Thanks to excellent works from, including

Ubuntu on Tegra 2 Tablet Android can be done now. Here is what how I did:

1. Download Ubuntu package from

rename "rootfs.ext2" under linux to "ubuntu.img"

2. Download setting scripts from in the following Ubuntu package at Uploading or at Easy-Share or at FileFactory

unzip and copy over the whole ubuntu directory to ubuntu directory on the internal SD card of your Android smartphone/tablet device.

3. Replace "ubuntu.img" in the one in the (2) package with the (1) ubuntu.img.

4. Download Zpad Clean 0.3 from

It contains the standard Android update package and recovery directory.

5. Download Zpad Clean 3.0 from

then replace the corresponding files in the Zpad Clean 0.3 with the ones in Zpad Clean 3.0

6. Put the and recovery directory on the root of SD card.

7. Re-flash G-Tablet by tap power button and volume + button in the same time. Or using Clockworkmod.

8. Open terminal application on G-Tablet. Type the following commands:

$su root

$cd /sdcard/ubuntu

$sh ./

$sh ./bootubuntu

Then it is done. There is no error message as shown when trying Tnt Lite v4.2.2.


Hassan said...

I have followed all steps. On sh ./ command, i get a number of file not found error. Did I miss something. I really will appericate your help.


Shenbo Yu said...

Could you tell what kind of errors you got?

Juan Pablo said...

When I type "su root" I got an error: "su: permission denied". What's wrong?

Juan Pablo said...

I don't understand well step number 6. Should I paste the Zpad Clean 3.0 folder into the sdcard of the tablet?

D said...

This does not work. I installed it successfully and IT DOES NOT WORK. People please do not waste your time. This does not work at all.. Not even a little bit.


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