Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tnt Lite 4.2.0 Boot Loops Recovery

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(1) Try to reflash first, using the microSD.
(2) Try to reflash to 1.0.1 TnT stock or the 1.0.0 vanilla homebrew - again using the microSD.
(3) Install clockworkmod recovery (see below) using the microSD, which will give you extra capabilities. Then, run clockworkmod recovery and wipe your user data.
(4) Re-run clockworkmod recovery and re-partition your SD card. Suggested setup (as of Jan 2011) is 2048 and swap of 0. (this last step will wipe the /sdcard data, so keep that in mind).

I tried (4) and got recovery. Then I upgraded to Tnt Lite 4.2.2. So far so good.

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