Sunday, February 27, 2011

Synplify vs Precision

There are two good software tools for logic synthesis targeting FPGAs, Synplify and Precision.

The current version of Synplify supports fast logic synthesis. The option can be found at Project->Implementation Options->Options, where the 1st choice is the one, "Fast Synthesis". This feature was introduced since the 2010.9 version. It was claimed by Synopsys "Synplify Premier's FAST logic synthesis mode now offers up to a 4X speed improvement over traditional logic synthesis when using a single processor." at

Precision is Mentor Graphics’ flagship FPGA synthesis solution offering good advantages for commercial applications and for mil-aero and safety-critical systems.

Usually synthesis results from these two tools showed Precision uses more resources but have better performance. For example, for ABS(X) * Y + Z, Synplify may need two steps, but Precision may only need one step.

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