Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Discussion "Which Will Be the Best Video Content Analysis with a Vision"

Which will be the best?


winner-themeA lot of customers, but also manufacturers ask me “Within your expertise, which brand is the best?”

The first time this question was asked to me I thought, “Cool… I never looked at it this way”

In my opinioun there is no best brand or let’s say a winner. As discussed in my other article, we need to deliver solutions which fit the markets (customers) needs. Of course a specific brand could better fit these needs then an other brand but still that doesn’t mean that it is the best brand.

Video Content Analysis based systems are mostly developped within a specific market segment. Face recognition, traffic control or for example smoke detection are very different types of situations and because of that, these systems needs to be filled out with specially for these situations developped solutions.

You can imagine that for me it is not possible to answer the question. It is a pitty to see that most of the people are dissapointed by that. In their opinion, I as an expert have to answer it. If I can’t answer it,… what does it mean then?

The fact that answering this question isn’t possible at this moment just shows us how broad the term VCA or IVA is used. Splitting up the market into various segments would make the question more simple to answer but also then I am convinced by the fact that there are no really bad brands but that it just depends on the combination of the right brand used in the right situation.

As I mentioned before,… we have to take care of managing the customers level of expectation.

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  1. Norbert - I agree with your summary on the brand winner. Just as there are many computer software winners, each for its particular application, so it is with video analytics. People understand they cannot buy any camera -each camera is good for a particular purpose so it is with video analytics packages. Also video analytics is part of a system so its capabilities are in tandum with the system. I do not think anyone can say with security which brand is best, even more so it is with analytics.
    Dick Salzman, CPP

    By Dick Salzman Marketing / Business Dev./ Product Management guru - security & technology

    posted 7 days ago

  2. Norbert, I agree with your last two comments about customer expectation and using the right software in the right situation. VCA adds extra value to camerasystems and can let operators work more effective, but it still has some limitations also. Most of the wellknown VCA companies work at quite the same level so it's hard to say who is the best company.
    Matthijs Vrisekoop

    By Matthijs Vrisekoop Manager at Hillson Groep BV

    posted 6 days ago

    Further to Dick’s comment about “each camera is good for a specific purpose” we need to understand that any Analytics software can only be as good as the raw date provided (in this case Video). Often the Analytics is added as an “afterthought” to an existing system and even when this is not the case it is uncommon to find detailed specifications as to what is expected from each camera in a system. A detailed specification and survey must be provided before any Analytics system is designed. Camera type, location, lighting (and other environmental considerations) must be considered in the basic design. If we do not clearly define what we expect from each camera (or group of cameras) then the chances of meeting expectations is slim. Systems often fail because these issues are not addressed in the basic design. Often, the “Best System” will be the system installed by the best integrator, who understands the system requirements and plans accordingly.

    By Geoff Merriday Sales Engineer at Verint Video Solutions

    posted 20 hours ago

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