Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One-click Recovery + Root for Le Pan II on Android 3.2.1

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Thanks to dbaybay for providing detail instructions and tools to root Le Pan II TC-979 which has Qualcomm APQ8060 (1.2GHz). The procedures include two steps:

Install ADB Package for the Le Pan II, Windows Users
  1. Install JDK 7 if it is not installed in your machine
  2. Download  "lepanlife" and unzip the folder "lepanlife"
  3. Place the ".android" folder in your "home" folder (If you click start and then on your username in Windows 7 or Vista, or "C:\Documents and Settings\your username" in Windows XP, this is where it goes. In the root folder where desktop, downloads, my pictures, etc.. is.)
  4. Once you've taken the ".android" folder out, place the whole, unzipped "lepanlife" folder in the root on your c:\ drive. So it should look like: c:\lepanlife
  5. Start your Le Pan II and turn on USB Debugging (Settings > Applications > Development Options > USB Debugging)
  6. In android_winusb.inf  under  c:\lepanlife\drivers, if 
      %CompositeAdbInterface%     = USB_Install, USB\VID_16d5&PID_8006&MI_01
          should be changed to
      %CompositeAdbInterface%     = USB_Install, USB\VID_16d5&PID_8005&MI_01 
  1. that change from PID_8006 to PID_8005 under CompositeAdbInterface.
  2. Open your device manager of Windows and plug in the USB cable of Le Pan II to the Windows machine
  3. Right click on "ANYDATA HSUSB DEVICE" and click update drivers. Choose the "Let me choose drivers" option and then click the "have disk" option. Navigate to the "c:\lepanlife\drivers" and click on the "android_winusb" file and then click ok. Install the driver and restart your computer
  4. When your computer restarts, open a new command prompt and type in: cd c:\lepanlife\adb
  5. And then type in: adb devices
  6. You should see several numbers under Devices Connected. This is the serial number to your device and you're all set to start us ADB!
Install One-Click Recovery + Root Package for Windows
  1. Download the Dbaybay's One-Click Root Package and extract contents.
  2. Run Part-One.bat (this will reboot your tab to fastboot, flash CWM, reboot normally & then reboot you to recovery)
  3. Once the above is done and you are in CWM, close the Part-One.bat Command Prompt!
  4. Run Part-Two.bat (this will install Superuser.apk, su binaries & busybox binaries)
I tested with the HTK75.users.v114 build with a Windows XP host machine and obtained a rooted Le Pan II.


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