Friday, January 20, 2012

Microprocessor Market to 2015

GBI Research’s new report, “Microprocessor Market to 2015- Enterprise Shift to Cloud Computing and Popularity of Mobile Computing Increasing Demand for Multi-Core Processor Chips” provides key information and analysis on the market opportunities in the Microprocessor industry. The report also provides region-based and end-user based forecasts up to 2015. The end-user based forecasts up to 2015 are given for the computers, communications and servers. The key market trends for wide range of these applications are discussed.

  • Cloud Computing to Fuel Growth of Microprocessors
Increased adoption of cloud computing among various enterprises will lead to the development of servers suitable for cloud computing. This indirectly increases usage of microprocessors that will help the cloud computing to deal with issues such as security. The rising demand for cloud computing services among enterprises and customers has its impact on the microprocessor market through the technology people use to access these services. This has led to the designing and development of microprocessors to power efficient servers for cloud computing.

Cloud computing will make it easier for startups to launch and smaller firms to benefit from huge data centers shared by various enterprises in the cloud. This increases the adoption of cloud computing among various firms which indirectly increases the customers of microprocessors.

  • Increased Demand of Multi-Core Processors in Mobile Computing
The increase in demand for faster applications in mobile phones will lead to increased demand for multi-core processors due to their faster processing speeds and low energy consumption.

Multi-core processors have become the primary way to enable higher performance and to support multiple applications to run in parallel. Today, a faster processor consumes more power and drains the batteries in mobile devices. Therefore, the manufacturers are shifting towards energy-saving multi-core designs, where multiple low-power processors on a single chip replicate the performance of a single, faster processor. The manufacturer’s focus has also shifted to multi-core processors with upcoming multimedia applications such as 3-D graphics in smart phones.

  • Internet Usage Increases the Demand for Fast Processors
The rise in internet penetration through the years is leading to the demand for faster processors. This trend of rising internet users is creating a strong demand for embedded microprocessors that can be utilized to enable the customers to accomplish multiple tasks using a single device. Therefore, the processor manufacturers might concentrate more on the supply of fast processors in order to serve the existing demand. 

The key players in this market mentioned are

- Intel Corporation
- Advanced Micro Devices, Inc
- Broadcom
- Texas Instruments Inc.
- ARM Holdings plc
- Qualcomm Incorporated

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