Saturday, August 13, 2011

Install Android Honeycomb on Viewsonic G Tablet

Recently the Wifi of my Viewsonic G Tablet, in which Tnt Lite 4.2.0 was installed, can't be enabled. It just likes the typical Wifi errors reported in the web. I thought it may be related to OS, and so decided to install the latest Android Honeycomb.

Thanks to roebeet in, I just followed the instructions in


Android Honeycomb alpha was successfully installed. The procedures are basically two steps:
  1. Use nvflash to update image to 1.2; including with APX mode (power button + volume down), downloading USB driver, and flashing image;
  2. Update image with Honeycomb Alpha from Put the in sdcard with the recovery mode (power button + volume up).
There are excellent video clips in youtube show the procedures:
However, my Wifi problem still remains. I opened the G Tablet following
and did not see the Wifi connection is loosed. So I still believe it is a software problem. Am I right?


Candyman76 said...

You ever get the wifi problem fixed? Ever try anything like CM7 since they are pretty stable?

Another site I really liked was Viewsonic Gtablet for Dummies, ton of info there:
Hope you get it resolved.

Shenbo Yu said...

Thank you very much. I still have no luck for wifi. Perhaps I should call customer service.

Shenbo Yu said...

Finally I sent my device to the G Tablet support "US Merchants, 8737 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90211" for repairing. They will fix WIFI for me.


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