Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fujitsu's HD MB86H55 and MB86H56

The detail spec can be found in

The MB86H55 features 500mW power consumption during full HD encoding, including the built-in memory.

The MB86H56 offers processing of full HD video at 60 frames-per-second (progressive) '60p'*2, to improve picture quality.

These products have built-in memory and measure 15 x 15mm, allowing them to record, play and transmit HD video on portable devices such as digital camcorders and on home networked appliances, commercial broadcast equipment and security cameras.

The H.264 compression format has become a commonly used format for digital camcorders, providing longer recording times than the MPEG-2 compression format.

Both products contain one 512Mb built-in memory (FCRAM*3) and an embedded scaler for zooming or down-scaling the picture.

In units of 16-bit x 32 lines, pictures can be zoomed by a maximum of six times or down-scaled to 1/6, enabling flexible accommodation of the requirements for picture quality, resolution and bit-rate depending on the application.

There is a 16-bit parallel interface for the host interface to connect to an external CPU and a TS interface as the video stream interface.

A serial interface makes a reduction of pins for the host interface possible.

A PCI interface allows connection to a PC or a recorder.

Connection to external ROM is also possible, allowing high-speed boot for devices that feature these CODECs.

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