Friday, June 26, 2009

einforchips' DVPB-HD

The board is targeted at various applications that need video encoding and/or
decoding capabilities, such as video conferencing, surveillance, video broadcast, video
transcoding, set-top-box, DVR/PVR, digital media adaptor and medical imaging devices.

DVPB-HD is a small foot-print board (4.2x6.2") that is bundled with a software package
consisting board support package (BSP), software development kit (SDK) framework
and demo application, allowing systems and application engineers to easily develop and
rapidly prototype their application.

DVPB-HD is also bundled with a boot-loader and software utilities.

The detail info can be found at

Software Features
  • The software package enables developers re-target their applications developed on TMDXEVM6467 to DVPB-HD. It consists of:
    • U-Boot Bootloader
    • Test utilities (approximately 8) and sample codes
    • Demo application for 4 Channel Video/Audio Streaming
    • Optional Device Drivers and Firmware for the board
  • Deliverables
    • Hardware
      • Standard Deliverables:
        • DVPB-HD Board with mounting studs
        • Video- Add on module to interface NTSC/PAL camera with DVPB-HD board
        • Input - 4 Channels CVBS & Output - 2 BT656 Channels
        • Power Adapter (12V@ 2Amps)
        • UART standard cross-over cable
      • Optional Deliverables:
        • PCI to PCI-Express edge connector card
        • Also available in Aluminum enclosure
    • Software
      • Standard Deliverables:
        1. Board Support Package (BSP):
          • Linux Kernel with drivers of peripherals supported on DVPB-HD board
          • Optimized Linux File System
          • U-boot
          • Test Utilities of each peripheral
        2. SDK Framework:
          • Video Module
          • Audio Module
          • Codec Module (H.264 & MPEG4 Video Codec's and G.711 Audio Codec's)
          • Streaming Module
        3. Demo Application:
          • Channel Video/Audio Streaming Application
      • Optional Deliverables:
        1. Board Support Package (BSP):
          • Hard-Disk Driver (HDD)
          • PCI Driver
        2. SDK Framework:
          • VDCE Module to support downscaling, conversion from 4:2:2 to 4:2:0
          • TISF Module to support transcoding applications
        3. Demo Application:
          • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Application

Board Details

Board size:

6.2 x 4.2

# of layers:


# of components / # of pins:

1067 / 3894

Layout density:


# of via / smallest via

3098 /18D10

  • 256MB DDR2 Memory
  • Major Interfaces: HD Video Input / Output, HDMI 1.3, Audio I/O, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, RS232, RS485, USB 2.0, VLYNQ, UART / IrDA /CIR, HDD, RTC, PCI 2.3, SPI and GPIO
  • Input power 12V DC

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