Thursday, October 15, 2015

HEVC / H.265 Development Tutorial

1. Book and Slides

The book "High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC): Algorithms and Architectures (Integrated Circuits and Systems) " is a good reference in addition to the spec. It covers

(1) High-level syntax of HEVC
(2) Block structures and parallelism
(3) Intra-picture prediction
(4) Inter-picture prediction
(5) Transform and quantization
(6) In-loop filtering 
(7) Entropy coding
(8) Compression performance
(9) Decoder hardware architecture design
(10) Encoder hardware architecture design

Two good tutorial slides 

2. Spec

3. Reference Software

The reference software for HEVC is called HM (HEVC Test Model). It is maintained in a Subversion repository. Please use a Subversion client to access the repository links directly or use the source browser for web browser access.
4. x265

x265 was shown to be the best overall HEVC encoder in Moscow State University's first HEVC Codec Comparison! x265 was particularly strong in the universal and ripping (high quality) use-cases. The full report is expected to be published on their website,
5. Analysis Tool

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