Friday, October 30, 2015

H.265 / HEVC Encoders Comparison

Recently MSU Graphics and Media Lab compared the following video encoders:

  • HEVC
  • f265 H.265 Encoder
  • Intel MSS HEVC GAcc
  • Intel MSS HEVC Software
  • Ittiam HEVC Hardware Encoder
  • Ittiam HEVC Software Encoder
  • Strongene Lentoid HEVC Encoder
  • SHBP H.265 Real time encoder
  • x265
  • Non HEVC
  • InTeleMax TurboEnc
  • SIF Encoder
  • VP9 Video Codec
  • x264
  • with objective quality metrics SSIM (structural similarity) on two platforms:
  • Desktop—Core i7 4770R @3.9 GHz, RAM 4 GB, Windows 8.1
  • Server—Xeon E5 2697v3, RAM 64 GB, Windows Server 2012
  • x265 performed the best, then Intel MSS Hevc and x264. The x265 speed gains were mostly achieved by enabling Wavefront parallel processing on multiple cores and writing critical parts of the code in assembler.

    The full free report is here.

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