Thursday, April 12, 2012

Install Native Ubuntu 11.10 on EeePad Transformer TF101 with Linux

Ubuntu Transformer
After I installed Ubuntu 11.04 on a EeePad Transformer TF101 B60, I found several problems:
  • Its rootfs is too small (2.9G) and resizefs did not work
  • Slow response since Ubuntu runs on an external sdcard
  • Touch pad of the Transformer keyboard dock did not work
  • Wifi problems
So I wanted to try the Linux version in again. Here was what I did:
  1. Download the OLiFE Prime Edition and extract it on a Linux machine;
  2. From the extracted directory run;
  3. Choose the flash device option;
  4. Choose Dualboot; other Linux boot options does not work for me;
  5. Choose Android as the default; For the moment Ubuntu as default doesn't seem to work since I run into booting loop problem. To boot the other system, hold the Volume-down button when you turn the device on until asked to press the volume up button;
  6. Put the device in APX mode. To do that first shut it down then restart it and when the eee pad screen appears hold down both the Volume-up button and the Power button for 5-6 seconds. The screen will go black and stay black, and briefly pressing the Power button has no effect. Then connect it to the computer via the USB cable. If the device refuses to shutdown properly or is already in APX mode but isn't recognised, hold the Power button for 10s until the eee pad screen appears and then try, try, try again;
  7. Finally you will see some messages saying that the various partitions are being copied across. This takes a good long while.
  8. Power off and on. Android Prime is up. Push the power button, an option menu (Restart, Shut Down and Recovery) will come up. Pick "Recovery";
  9. The machine magically boots into Ubuntu! Then I saw a hang in resizefs;
  10. After few hours I decided to force power off and restart the device;
  11. Finally I got a good working Ubuntu 11.10 machine with all above problems gone with the Windows installation. 

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