Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Install Native Ubuntu on EeePad Transformer TF101 with Windows

Thanks to for providing a tool to install native Ubuntu 11.04 on  EeePad Transformer TF101.

Since I did not install successfully with Linux method (I got keeping boot loop as many people complained), here I only described what I did with a Windows installation. My device model is B60.
  1. Download EeePad Transformer Ubuntu Package and unzip it;
  2. Download custom ROM 3.1 Build and unzip it; The Android 3.2 did not work for me;
  3. Put your Transformer into APX mode by turning your tablet off, then powering it on WHILE HOLDING DOWN the Volume Up button for about 3 seconds;
  4. Make sure you have APX drivers installed, if not, watch my video to install it, the drivers are located in usbpcdriver directory in tfubuntu folder.
  5. In the custom ROM directory unzipped by, run download.bat. After the flashing down, it will boot to Android 3.1;
  6. Prepare a microSD card for your Transformer bigger than 2GB and copy the whole “Ubuntu” folder of the EeePad Transformer Ubuntu Package the into the root directory of your microSD card on the Transformer.
  7. Turn off device and put your Transformer into APX mode again, go to the directory of  tfubuntu and run "flashbat";
  8.  After flashing, hold down the Power button to reset your Transformer, you should now boot into Ubuntu;
  9. Follow "HOWTO: Wireless Security - WPA1, WPA2, LEAP, etc." to setup WIFI.

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