Friday, July 22, 2011

H.264 Makes Encoding Easier

Speaking at a red carpet interview during the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City, Jan Ozer, an expert on encoding for the web, see the rise of the H.264 codec on the fractured landscape of devices, formats, and codecs, offering video has gotten easier.

"Things have actually gotten better over the last year, because the H.264 standard has become the focal point of technologies that can actually take an H.264 stream and transmux it, which basically means put it in a different container format, for multiple targets," said Ozer. Wowza Media Server 2 was the first tool he saw that could do that, he added.

"If you're producing today, typically your high-level challenges are, number one, I need a desktop technology, and that can be Flash or Silverlight, and number two, I want to hit iDevices, and number three, then you'll start to look at the other mobile devices out there," said Ozer.

No longer having to encode separately for the desktop and Apple iOS devices has been a big time-saver.

For more from Ozer, watch the full interview below.

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