Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sony HD Camera CCD Sensors

Sony provides a series of high quality HD CCD sensors, such as

ICX665/675 Series: Diagonal 7.705 mm (Type 1/2.3) 10.17M-Effective Pixel
ICX637CQZ: Diagonal 7.215 mm (Type 1/2.5) 9.14M-Effective Pixel

Please see the following links for detail:

ICX625: 5M (2456x2058) 15 fps. The following link is the data sheet of ICX625:

ICX655: 5M (2456x2058) 7.5 fps, the single tap version of the ICX625.

A good camera system overview using Sony CCD:

A white paper for Black/White camera system overview using Sony CCD:

vsp2260 (TI)

Powering (+15 & -8):
AAT3408 charge pump (Analogic)
LT3487 (Linear Tech)

V drivers:
CXD3400 (Sony)
LR366851 (Sharp)
LR36687U/Y (Sharp)
LR36689U (Sharp)
KS7221D (Samsung)

H driver:
74AC04 (Farchild)

AD9978 (Analog Devices)
AD9845 (Analog Devices)

Glue (LVDS2CMOS, support logic, etc):
spartan3e100 (Xilinx)

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