Wednesday, March 25, 2009

XUPV5-LX110T Development Board

The XUPV505-LX110T is a feature-rich general purpose evaluation and development platform with on-board memory and industry standard connectivity interfaces. It features the Virtex-5 XC5VLX110T device.

It is also called ML509. Reference design can be found at

The documentation is similar to ML 505. which are in

The XUPV5-LX110T is a unified platform for teaching and research in disciplines such as

  • Digital Design
  • Embedded Systems
  • Digital Signal Processing and Communications
  • Computer Architecture
  • Operating Systems
  • Networking
  • Video and Image Processing
  • High Speed Serial I/O Transceivers



The XUPV5-LX110T Development System features:

  • Xilinx Virtex-5 XC5VLX110T FPGA
  • Two Xilinx XCF32P Platform Flash PROMs (32 Mbyte each) for storing large device configurations
  • Xilinx SystemACE Compact Flash configuration controller
  • 64-bit wide 256Mbyte DDR2 small outline DIMM (SODIMM) module compatible with EDK supported IP and software drivers
  • On-board 32-bit ZBT synchronous SRAM and Intel P30 StrataFlash
  • 10/100/1000 tri-speed Ethernet PHY supporting MII, GMII, RGMII, and SGMII interfaces
  • USB host and peripheral controllers
  • Programmable system clock generator
  • Stereo AC97 codec with line in, line out, headphone, microphone, and SPDIF digital audio jacks
  • RS-232 port, 16x2 character LCD, and many other I/O devices and ports
Development System Includes
  • XUPV5-LX110T board
  • 1GB Compact Flash card
  • 256 MB SODIMM module
  • SATA cable
  • Platform USB programming cable
  • DVI to VGA adapter
  • 6A power supply

Running demo programs on XUPV5-LX110T

Currently the board is used by UC Berkeley EECS150 Spring 2009.

Ordering Information
To order this development system, click here, $750.00 for Academic

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