Thursday, March 26, 2009

HD Video encoding for H.264 surveillance Using Low-cost FPGA

Low-cost FPGAs are now making it possible to implement highperformance encoding systems on  a cost-effective and lowpower FPGA fabric. This enables systems with the right combination  of power, performance, and price-points to be built using well-understood FPGA fabric. This article first lays out the architecture advantages of FPGAs for low-cost, yet  high-performance video processing applications and then shows how these advantages translate into a real-world application in the rapidly expanding field of video surveillance systems.

This design approach enables the implementation of an advanced, high-performance video application on a low-cost FPGA fabric. Such implementations are critical to meet the cost and power constraints today’s video systems generally require. A complete working quad-channel surveillance system can  be implemented using only a single mid-range FPGA that can be a significant technology enabler  for this important growing market.

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