Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Xcode 6 - iPhone Simulator Folder

In Xcode 6, the location of the applications on the iPhone Simulator has changed (thanks to weimenglee). Prior to iOS 8, the location of the Documents folder of your app can be found here:

~/Library/Application\ Support/iPhone\ Simulator/<iOS_Version>/Applications/<application_id>/Documents 

In xCode 6, the location of the simulator has changed to when resource files are required to put in [NSBundle mainBundle]:


Use Finder->Go->Go To Folder, we can see all device's UUID

Each folder correspond to a specific iPhone Simulator. To know which folder corresponds to which simulator, use the following command in Terminal:

~$ xcrun simctl list

Then all simulator devices are listed.

You can then go into this folder and the following path shows the folder that contains all the applications installed on this simulator:


You can now locate your specific application and find the Documents folder:


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