Monday, May 27, 2013

Galaxy S4 camera beats the iPhone 5′s in DxOMark benchmark

The camera on the Samsung Galaxy S4 has topped the iPhone 5′s in recent tests by the prestigious camera experts at DxO Labs. The device won the battle against the iPhone 5 on quite a few fronts. For example, in the Autofocus test, it managed a score of 80, compared to 72 for the iPhone 5, with the reviewers noting the good photo detail preservation, auto-exposure even with problematic light settings, as well as rich colors. As for flaws, the Galaxy S4 camera was criticized for the loss of detail in low light and the ringing artifacts shown in some images.

DxOMark - Samsung Galaxy S4 overview
As for video, the Galaxy S4 camera also did quite well, with colors and texture reproduction praised by DxO Labs (a score of 88 in Exposure and Contrast , compared to just 81 for the iPhone 5 camera). However, there was some criticism related to the aliasing and staircase effects, noise levels and focus conditions in low light, as well as video stabilization.

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