Thursday, March 14, 2013

HD HEVC/H.265 Software Encoders

Today two h.264 veterans, Allegro DVT and Ittiam Systems announced their HEVC/H.265 Software Encoder.

According to their press releaseAllegro DVT presented Genova HEVC/H.265 Software Encoder for VOD. This new software based encoder permits HD 1080p60 encoding with 30% bitrate savings compared to best in class H.264 encoding. It is aligned with the final draft of the new compression standard HEVC/H.265, and is interoperable with a variety of software HEVC/H.265 decoders.

IN 2013 NAB Show, Ittiam Systems will show its HEVC Encoder which a software implementation on Intel x86 based platforms, capable of High Definition (HD) broadcast quality video encoding with up to 50% compression gains over H.264 based encoders. Its HEVC Decoder software is implemented for ARM CortexTM-A9 and CortexTM-A15 based SoCs to take advantage of ARMv7 Instruction Set Architecture, NEONTM engine and multi core processors, also according to Ittiam press release.

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