Tuesday, May 29, 2012

GPU Cloud Graphics and Video Compression

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang told analysts few days ago just how important cloud graphics will be to the world. The company announced that its recently announced Kepler-based graphics chips are capable of cloud graphics. That means they can process graphics for multiple users in a data center and then dispatch the appropriate graphics as needed to the displays of distant remote users.

That allows big new applications for cloud computing in the enterprise. You can, for instance, use your own puny laptop to access huge visual projects such as engineering designs. Your computer will tap the graphics computing power in the cloud to render the images that your laptop could never display in real-time. One graphics processing unit (GPU) in the cloud can supply the graphics for at least four remote users today, compared to just one for prior chips. That makes cloud gaming and enterprise cloud graphics applications far more economical than in the past.

See more in http://venturebeat.com.

GPU cloud will challenge video compression technology of today.  HEVC intra transform skipping addresses graphic contents, but HEVC or H.265 may requires lots of resources to keep up with real time encoding. Vector based encoding techniques may involve to have better contributions.

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