Thursday, February 9, 2012

Microsoft Kinect, NUI, Lip Reading and 3D Decktop

NUI (natural user interface) is the common parlance used by designers and developers of computer interfaces to refer to a user interface that is effectively invisible, or becomes invisible with successive learned interactions, to its users. Microsoft Xbox Kinect is a product from Xbox that uses spatial gestures for interaction instead of a game controller with acquiring the IP powering the Kinect. It is a good example for NUI.
Microsoft 3D Desktops
Microsoft also works on the new products which are to possess voice as well as face recognition technology, so that your password is going to be you saying passwords in your voice, not someone else, and never a print-out of you. They’ll be able to pick you out of trouble of the crowd, says a small party, and will also be in a position to tell if you are passing on an order – since you make eye contact and move your lips (lip reading).
An additional feature identified would be a kind of 3D desktop which you can literally grab files and put them here and there. It has been tried prior to, of course, and Windows 8 looks determined two-dimensional, so it’s possibly much more of an investigation project than something else. Yet it’s still remarkable. Think of the standard expressions you may be able to make.
Microsoft 3D Desktops

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