Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Low cost, Low power, and High performance FPGA - Spartan-6

The Spartan®-6 family provides leading system integration capabilities with the lowest total cost for high-volume applications. The thirteen-member family delivers expanded densities ranging from 3,400 to 148,000 logic cells, with half the power consumption of previous Spartan families and faster, more comprehensive connectivity. Built on a mature 45 nm low-power copper process technology that delivers the optimal balance of cost, power, and performance, the Spartan-6 family offers a new, more efficient, dual-register 6-input look-up table (LUT) logic and a rich selection of built-in system-level blocks. These include 18 Kb (2 x 9 Kb) block RAMs, second generation DSP48A1 slices, SDRAM memory controllers, enhanced mixed-mode clock management blocks, SelectIO™ technology, power-optimized high speed serial transceiver blocks, PCI Express™ compatible Endpoint blocks, advanced system-level power management modes, autodetect configuration options, and enhanced IP security with AES and Device DNA protection. These features provide a low-cost programmable alternative to custom ASIC products with unprecedented ease-of-use. Spartan-6 FPGAs offer the best solution for highvolume logic designs, consumer-oriented DSP designs, and cost-sensitive embedded applications. Spartan-6 FPGAs are the programmable silicon foundation for Targeted Design Platforms that deliver integrated software and hardware components to enable designers to focus on innovation as soon as their development cycle begins.

Where Low Cost, Low Power Converge with High Performance

When design requirements call for low cost and low power, the new Spartan®-6 family is the answer. This silicon foundation of the Xilinx Targeted Design Platform merges industry leading process and programmable logic technology with transceiver capabilities and controllers for advanced memory support to deliver a high-performance FPGA for cost sensitive applications. Innovation in advanced power management technology and the ability to operate at a lower power 1.0V core option enable the new Spartan-6 FPGA family to achieve 65% lower power than previous Spartan families.

At the Heart of Innovation

The sixth generation in the Spartan FPGA Series enables system developers to meet demands for new features, while at the same time reducing system costs by up to half for lower-power, ”greener” products. Supporting applications such as automotive infotainment, flat-panel displays, multi-function printers, set-top boxes, home networking, and video surveillance, Spartan-6 FPGAs offer an optimal balance of low risk, low cost, low power, and high performance.

A Proven, Industry-Leading Architecture

The Spartan-6 FPGA family’s efficient, dual-register six-input LUT logic structure leverages the industry’s leading Virtex® architecture to enable cross-platform compatibility and to increase system performance. The addition of Virtex-series system-level blocks including
DSP slices, high-speed transceivers, and PCI Express® endpoint block make for greater system-level integration than ever before

The Spartan-6 family is priced at between about $3 and $54 in high volume of 10,000 units, according to Brent Pryzbus, director of product marketing, according to EETimes.

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