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Envivio 4Caster HD30 and C4

High Definition MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) Encoder

Targeting HD IPTV Video Distribution

4Caster™ HD30 IPTV Edition is the premium, high-definition encoder within the Envivio Convergence Series™ of compression products. Encoding both 1080i and 720p formats at up to full HD resolution, HD30's complete range of AVC (H.264) encoding tools delivers the highest picture quality across a flexible range of bit rates between 4 and 27 Mbps.

The IPTV Edition of the 4Caster HD30 has been designed specifically for distribution of content over DSL networks. HD30's advanced rate control algorithm delivers the Constant Bit Rate (CBR) operation required to ensure robust content delivery over bandwidth limited DSL networks. Compression algorithms have been optimized to maximize HD video quality at the extremely low bit rates required by most IPTV deployments. The HD30's ultra-efficient CBR performance ensures that Telcos can deliver an end user quality of experience that can compete with cable and satellite delivered content, and that the highest number of subscribers can be reached without the need for costly investments in network delivery infrastructure.



Product Highlights

  • MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) High Definition encoder targeting HD IPTV
  • Full range of advanced compression tools delivering market leading encoding performance
  • Optimized for IPTV delivery with excellent low bit rate performance as low as 4 Mbps and strict Constant Bit Rate (CBR) operation
  • Flexible support for both 1080i and 720p formats at up to full HD resolution
  • Proven interoperability with a wide range of consumer IPTV set top boxes
  • Numerous advanced features including Picture-in-Picture and Closed Caption
  • MPEG TS over UDP or RTP ensuring robust delivery over IP networks

Envivio 4Caster C4

Three Screens Multi-Channel, Multi-Profile Video Encoder

Targeting Mobile TV, Internet TV and IPTV Applications

4Caster C4 is the multi-service compression engine at the heart of Envivio's Convergence Generation IP video headend, which receives, decodes, re-encodes, and transmits programming all in IP. The all-digital processing of content eliminates the need for traditional intermediate analog or digital video interfaces between decoders and encoders, reducing both cost and system complexity.

The 4Caster C4 currently supports one channel of high definition or multiple channels of standard definition encoding for IPTV, Internet TV encoding up to VGA resolution, and 3G Mobile TV encoding. For IPTV applications, C4 can be delivered in either Premium Compression or Extreme Compression encoding configurations using Envivio's new flexible encoding core. For Internet TV applications, C4 can deliver content for playback in Windows Media Player, QuickTime and VLC. For Mobile TV applications, C4 can deliver 3GPP, 3GPP2 compliant streams for playback on a wide variety of mobile devices. Envivio is rapidly developing new features for this ultra-flexible compression platform, most of which will be available to our existing customers without the need for any hardware change. 4Caster C4 is a truly unique, future-proof encoding platform ideally suited for today's IP-based media delivery applications.



Product Highlights

  • Multi-channel multi-profile video encoder targeted at Mobile TV, Internet TV and IPTV applications
  • Three Screens support for TVs, PCs and mobile devices
  • IP inputs and outputs to reduce video headend cost and complexity
  • Optional analog or digital video and audio inputs interface
  • Premium Compression to deliver a truly amazing end-user experience at ultra low bit rates
  • Extreme Compression to deliver the same amazing experience with even the most challenging sports and movie content
  • Major encoding formats for Mobile TV, Internet TV and IPTV
  • Unique design based on a high-availability hardware platform with an embedded software encoding core
  • Compression quality improvements, expansion of service types, and feature additions, all available via software upgrades
  • Dual hot-swappable power supplies and redundant Ethernet interfaces for maximum reliability
  • Multi-channel audio support with SAP indication
Guangzhou Digital Media Group, a cable TV network operator, has selected 4Caster C4 encoder from Envivio, a provider of IP video convergence encoding services, to provide high definition and standard definition video encoding for interactive TV service based on the Microsoft Mediaroom platform.

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